Preparing a poster is often a hassle. You spend hours making a nice poster and then you present it to very few people at the poster session. Let’s change this! We strongly encourage you to make #betterPosters. There will be best poster awards with a prize!

We plan to embrace the #betterposter initiative, by Mike Morrison, designed to make the whole experience of both presenting and attending poster sessions more effective and enjoyable. The core idea consists on reducing the amount of information we try to transmit at once, and have a clear hierarchy of contents meant to painlessly inform the average visitor about the main message of your work, while being able to go in full depth with the most interested visitors.

We, thus, highly recommend contributing with a poster. But don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of a big amount of work. The idea of #betterposter is to have you spend less time preparing a poster while achieving better results. You can also submit the old-fashioned poster that you used at other conferences. A minimal improvement you can do that takes zero to no time is to add a header above your poster (you don’t need to print it, so don’t worry about messing up the aspect ratio), with a concise and easy to read description of the main message of your work. Ideally using plain English. Something like this:

An easy and effective #betterposter improvement

We recommend taking a minute to watch the videos about #betterposter by Mike Morrison.



Here you can find templates for landscape and portrait posters.

Submission guidelines and recommendations

Please submit your poster by August 30, such that we have time to set up the space. In addition to your poster, you are encouraged to submit a thumbnail that will serve as a pre-visualization when people approach your poster. The format requirements for the thumbnail are the same than for the poster, and the optimal aspect ratio is 35:8.

Format requirements:

  • .png or .jpg format
  • Minimum width of 1000px.
  • Minimum height of 600px.
  • Maximum file size is 3MB.
  • No transparent background.

The Gather space offers the perfect environment to recreate as close as possible the experience of an in-person poster session. In Gather, we are in a 2D world with 8-bit graphics. You can walk around the conference and chat to people as you approach them. We have set up dedicated rooms for the poster sessions. On approaching the poster, you will see a small thumbnail. You can press x to load the poster in full screen. By activating the presenter mode, everyone can interact with the poster with a laser pointer. If you cannot find a presenter, remember to use the chat capability of the space. The shaded regions on the floor indicate private spaces in which you will only interact with the people attending that same poster. See here for further support.