Welcome to QWIZ 2021a joint workshop on quantum information and quantum technologies between ETH and IMPRS, taking place virtually, September 13- 16, 2021.

The workshop is aimed at the PhD students and postdocs in quantum physics (both theoretical and experimental) within ETH and IMPRS network, and strives to cover most of the state-of-art research done in the field. The topics presented in the workshop have been (democratically) chosen based on a (democratic) vote by all those who are interested in participation.

QWIZ 2021 brings a unique opportunity for young researchers from both IMPRS and ETH to broaden their knowledge and initiate fruitful collaborations and discussions.


2D materials (magnetism):
Prof. Ursula Wurstbauer (Uni Münster)
Dr. Nathan Wilson (TUM)

Quantum machine learning:
Dr. David Sutter (IBM Zürich)
Dr. Sukin (Hannah) Sim (Zapata Computing)

Exotic phases of matter and their transitions:
Prof. Mikhail Lukin (Harvard)
Dr. Adam Nahum (Oxford)


The workshop will run for four consecutive days, all talks and activities taking place only in the afternoon except for Thursday the 16th, in which we will start earlier.

Each day, we will have an introductory lecture on one of the topics chosen by the students in the poll we conducted in late 2020, followed by a state-of-art short research presentation. These topics include: quantum machine learning, quantum phase transitions and their transitions, and 2D materials (magnetism).

Students will be sharing their research with poster sessions and a few selected talks. There will also be various social and collaboration-based activities to connect with your colleagues.

On the last day, we will hold the QWIZ Ideathon, where teams of 4-5 researchers will tackle a set of problems regarding collaboration in science.